It was a $5000 loan from my parents in 2005 to buy a laptop and a mobile phone that saw the beginning of Rando and Associates.

And humble beginnings they were- my first ‘office’ was the spare room at our house, sitting on a milk crate with my laptop on my knees.

I started Rando and Associates because I wanted to share the information and expertise I had gained in financial services to help people like me live their lives better.

I also wanted the opportunity to practice in a way that felt ‘right’ to me. I wanted an authentic, ethical relationship with clients and the opportunity to create a an environment where people genuinely enjoyed their team and coming to work.

11 years on, I’ve paid back Mum and Dad, I get to sit in a much comfier chair and I’m surrounded by a caring team who are passionate about securing the financial future of our clients: Individuals, families and business owners just like you.

A team that assists people not only in growing their wealth but also preventing them from financial distress.