I have had the pleasure of being a customer of Rando & Associates.

I have found the level of knowledge, care & professionalism, provided by all Rando & associates team members to be outstanding.

The Rando & Associates approach lead by Mark, is to ensure that the level of service they commit to provide is delivered. I can confirm that this is what I experienced with Rando & Associates.


Peter Slater

It is now 9 months since the incident which resulted in the removal of my left “ring” finger.

When I look back at that time with a clearer mind, I feel very thankful that you two were there as the “go to” people as far as insurance, loss of income dealings, communicating with insurance companies and a comforting “don’t worry, we’ll look after everything, you just look after yourself”.

At the time I wasn’t even sure if I had insurance cover for such an event, thankfully Mark and all at Rando and Associates had thought ahead and had it covered.

With all the drama unfolding at the time, it was so very relieving for Jenny and I to know all details were attended to by such a caring team.

Thank you for your efficient handling of documents, follow up emails and phone calls.
With You two filling in the appropriate forms and details, all I had to do basically was sign and scan back. Easy.

Thank you Laura and Maddi, your pleasant phone manner and caring personalities plus the handling of all paperwork made a big difference.


Brian and Jenny Taylor

Mark Rando and his team have been a Godsend to us! They have given us security and peace-of-mind through insurance and a portfolio as we transition to retirement. We were initially referred to Mark by a family member and we quickly became friends with him. He approaches his business at a very personal level and this set him apart from the rest. We had seen a Financial Adviser before but they were just insurance salesman masquerading as advisers. We’re very happy to be a client of Rando & Associates and have recommended Mark to several of our close friends.


Michael & Priscilla Duane

We heard about Rando & Associates via word of mouth. We wanted help with setting up personal insurances but also, with a young family, wanted advice on our ‘big picture’ financial plan. To us, choosing a Financial Adviser was a very personal decision. We certainly have felt very comfortable to discuss exceptionally personal details with Mark in a compassionate and professional environment. We would describe his service as energetic, enthusiastic, thorough and above all else, respectful. To others looking for a Financial Adviser, we would say: “Go ahead and make an appointment! Have a chat, see what YOU think!”.


Claire Warburton

We were looked after very well by the team at Rando & Associates. We contacted them on the advice of our accountant for help with Life Insurance, Superannuation, Income Protection and Business Insurances. Mark takes the time to explain and re-explain if necessary without adding any pressure to your decisions. He was very professional and knowledgeable and finds the right products to match your budget and lifestyle. We have found with Financial Advisers, you get what you pay for! With Rando & Associates, we feel we can contact them any time and they always do their utmost to help.


Tiffany & Torry Goodall

We’d known Mark on a personal level for a while so when we needed help with consolidating some superannuation funds and personal insurances we decided to give him a call. We had seen a Financial Adviser before but we found our experience with Mark was different because we felt comfortable with him. He listened and considered our needs. He was informative but not pushy. The service provided by the entire team was flexible to our circumstances, helpful and efficient. They always respond to our queries or phonecalls very promptly. We’d recommend people give them a call.


Gary & Peta Cranston

I was referred to Mark by my accountant for some help with establishing my business and exploring my need for personal life insurance. I hadn’t seen a Financial Adviser before but found the experience to be enjoyable and the staff very helpful. To others needing advice on these kinds of issues, I would say contact Rando & Associates because they will be able help.


Ashley Spencer

Trying to get life insurance had been a difficult issue for me in the past due to my previous health issues. My applications had previously been rejected by other companies. So during the initial couple of meetings with Mark I must admit, I had my reservations since we had not been able to get life insurance in the past. Mark took the challenge. He was persistent and worked extremely hard to get coverage for me. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders since I didn’t want my wife and children left with the burden of our business borrowings should something happen to me by accident or ill health. It’s been quite a journey but we felt comfortable dealing with Mark and accepting his advice because – having also started his own business from scratch – we could relate to eachother. He can share in the highs and lows of being in business. He will always listen and offers sound advice based on his own experiences. He’s good at what he does because he is straight down the line, honest and loyal. Mark is the type of person who would stop to help you change a tyre on the side of the road. And I know I could call in for a coffee anytime of the day, and that’s how I rate people! The result for us is fantastic and the best part is that we not only got our insurance, but we have also found a person that really cares and will bend over backwards for his clients. I would recommend to anyone that they give Mark a call.


Aaron & Lisa Turner