At R&A we pride ourselves on being apprised of all the factors affecting the financial services industry. With this in mind, the team wasn’t going to miss this year’s Millennium3 WA State Conference: Breakthrough to Excellence, held recently in Dunsborough.

The conference looked at some of the recent changes to insurance in super as well as the latest in retirement planning, income protection and some particular advice relating to our Baby Boomers!

As part of the R&A commitment to the development of its entire staff, the whole team attended day one of the conference.

Ashleigh had this to share: ‘Ilearned that it isn’t just a day off for Laura and Mark – it is actually hard work!! Seriously though it was great to speak to an underwriter face to face and discuss issues that we have faced over the years with different decisions. And; it was great to see Richard our M3 State Manager do karaoke! Check the video out on Facebook!’