This year Maddi, Ashleigh, Julie and Laura are donning their pedometers for STEPTEMBER to raise money to assist people with Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, with 1 in 500 Australian children being born with the condition. CP affects movement and posture and there is currently no known cure.

So, what is the Steptember challenge you ask?

10 000 steps a day!

And; with the average office worker only doing 3000 a day- we’d have been lucky if they were cracking 10 000 between them in August!

Not so in September though! With every dollar raised providing vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy as well as raising funds for groundbreaking research into prevention and maybe even one day a cure- the team are giving 110%.

The R&A goal is $500 and we’ve got $380 to go. If someone you care about is affected by Cerebral Palsy or you want to donate to a very worthy cause (and get the R&A team off their collective butts!) call the office on 9792 4800 and speak to Maddi about donating or email her on