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Don’t waste the ‘Third Space’!
I talk to you a lot about ‘securing your financial future’ but this month I wanted to take the opportunity to share something with you that had a profound effect on me.  
While it’s more to do with securing your future wellbeing – get this right and I believe your financial security will be assured too.
I recently had the privilege of listening to Dr Adam Fraser at the Millenium3 Chairman’s Meeting. 
Adam is the founder of a concept called ‘The Third Space ‘.
Very simply put, The Third Space is about using the transition space between the activity you were just doing and what it is you’re about to do, to ensure you are present in the moment and get the most out of every part of your life.
Whether it’s work, family or a social activity: ‘…every space requires its own unique blend of thoughts, emotions and behaviour.’ But, often we’re so caught up with something we were just doing or a previous disappointment or issue that it washes into the next part of our day, stopping us from giving our full attention to what’s in front of us.
We’ve all been there: At work we’re worried about our family or other concerns, distracted from the task at hand.
And then relieved to be home, we walk in the door, dump our stressful day on our loved ones and then spend the night glued to the phone, checking emails, taking calls and generally not being present. And it can be worse still if you’re a business owner. Switching off feels like it should be a jailing offence!
In his book, Adam goes through a number of strategies to help you find The Third Space. But, the important thing is recognizing how important this is for your wellbeing and finding what works for you.
By way of an example- I have a client who swears by the hour-long drive home, listening to music, to get his head out of his business and into a space where he can be present for his family. What a great use of The Third Space. 
When he walks in that door, he’s left the day’s worries out on the highway somewhere!

When you are present in the moment, focused on the task immediately in front of you, you are more productive and your self-awareness increases. (An absolute necessity when your livelihood relies on your positive interactions with others.)  


At the conference Adam advised us that when you manage the everyday, minor transitions, it actually sets you up to handle the big changes with ease. And; I guess that’s where this struck a chord – and why I felt it was so important to share with the people I knew that would be in a very similar situation.
We’re facing a number of important changes in the financial services sector and I know I need to be on my game in the next 12 months so I can keep delivering for our clients.

But at the same time, things at home are changing too. I’ve got one of the boys on his way back from Leavers Week and Jules and I are facing an empty nest! We know we need to start thinking about ‘what’s next’ as we’re soon to finally have the place to ourselves! Now more than ever, I need to manage changes in a positive way. 
So, with that in mind, I’m going to keep working on finding and making the most of the Third Space and; I would urge you to check it out for yourself. For those of you who’ve come across it before- I’d be keen to hear how you made it work for you!

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