Rando and Associates, along with a group of other concerned local businesses have jointly lodged an objection to the City of Bunbury Council regarding the proposed social housing development at 15A Forrest Avenue, South Bunbury due to the development’s non-compliance with State and Local policy.

The WA Housing Authority’s policy of ‘One in Nine’ is a method of disbursing social housing tenants throughout the community. This is in recognition of best practice in the area, being that people experiencing disadvantage are far more likely to move along the housing continuum and out of disadvantage when they are part of a socially diverse community: Not holed up together in a complex that, over time, will only erode and decay into another block of social housing ‘flats’ like those already dotted around Bunbury.
Additionally, the City’s own policy, requires any development not subject future occupants to undesirable levels of disturbance and/or nuisance.

With the Housing Authority’s Rental Policy Manual allowing up to 17 people be housed in this configuration, plus a further six young people in a hostel as part of stage two, disturbance and annoyance are inevitable.
From Mark Rando of Rando and Associates:

‘Recent attempts by AccordWest to paint the concerned locals as ill informed NIMBYs, is both incorrect and an exercise in bullying. As an Assistant Principal in a previous life, I am utterly sensible of the dire need for safe, affordable housing in our community. But the key word here is safe. Why should people have to live in poorly planned developments simply because they have fallen on hard times and may have no other option? It is unacceptable.

There was no consultation with residents and business owners prior to this announcement, which is simply poor practice. Mr. Hamilton appears frustrated now with our concerns but this is a problem of his own making.

I understand our local Councilors position, we are seeing a growing trend of disadvantage in our City but developments that don’t consider the impact on future residents and the community are not the panacea. The issues we raise are valid planning considerations and we hope that all Councilors take the time to carefully read the information we have provided’

The group’s full objection can be provided on request.

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